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Born 3:48AM

7 pounds 9 ounces, 21 inches

"What do you want?  I'm trying to sleep here!"

"Aaahhh... sleep, yes, sleepy sleep... nipple please."

Happy Proud Father.

Happy, really really tired Mom.

Most Joyous Little Daddy.  Da Cho Man Celebrates.

Granny Kim and Granny Cho.

"Could you please unwrap me, I can't move my arms."

"Oh well, I'll just go back to sleep."

Hey, who's the hot nurse?

Hey, he's snoring.  Seriously, he's snoring.

"Hey Dad, hand me back to Mom, I really need that nipple again."

"Oh God, my belly button is showing.  OK, I'm just gonna pretend to sleep now."

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