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"My First Thanksgiving with the Family."

"My Grandfather totally cracks me up."

"I love hangin' out at my Granny's house."

"Just helping Grandpop read the paper."

"No Way! The Dow is down again!!!"

"Yo Kid... who you think you are sittin' in my chair?"

"That's alright dude, you're cool with me."

"Hey, someone needs to change this kid's diaper."

"My aunt & uncle, Lindsey and Anthony."

"Yo Yo Yo... bring me that turkey!"

"I am so stuffed... I can't even smile right now."

"Come on, give me a chance to strike a pose."

"Alright, I'm ready, my vogue is in the zone."

"Ha ha ha, your face is too funny. Doctors can fix that you know."

"Man, let me give you a hand.  You should be a comedian."

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